Malheur Cave Event 2022

The 83rd annual Malheur Cave Event held by Robert Burns Lodge No.97 of Burns Oregon was attended by five members of Laurel Lodge. The event is held in a lava tube owned by the Lodge. Over 100 Masons from all over Oregon and other states were present at the 2022 ceremony at which a new Master Mason was raised as well as a 63 year member of the Lodge receiving honors. The event is a “must do” for Masons.

Malheur Cave – a 3000 foot long tube.
Four Brothers of Laurel Lodge

Pictured L-R: Secretary Brother Randy Haugen, Worshipful Brother James Hogue, Worshipful Brother David Jackson, Worshipful Master Tim Wilson.
Not pictured: Right Worshipful Gary Ball.
Members of the Masonic motorcycle club ”Widows Sons” raising their flag.

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