A Lodge in Switzerland

The Secretary of Laurel Lodge having just completed a 21-day tour of the Swiss Alps, shares a Masonic experience from one of Switzerland’s oldest towns: Chur.

Located in the heart of the northwestern Bernina Alps, Chur is a mid-point of transportation between Zurich to the north,and St. Moritz in the south. It is old and likes to stay that way. It is also home to one of Switzerland’s largest Masonic Lodges with about 100 members, the Freimaurerloge Libertas et Concordia has an impressive history and some enjoyable characters as members. Like many Masonic Lodges, Libertas et Concordia was housed within various buildings including the basement of the oldest hotel in Chur. It is now ensconced in the Salis House which dates back to the early 1600’s.

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