2023 Lodge Officers

Congratulations to all of our Officers for 2023. This will be our 167th year of operation, let’s give these men all of the support we can.

Worshipful Master – W.B. Tim Wilson

Senior Warden – B. Josh Frasier

Junior Warden – W.B. Tony Griffin

Treasurer – W.B. Bob Mallory

Secretary – B. Randy Haugen

Senior Deacon – B. Jim Dirksen

Junior Deacon – B. Andrew Osborn

Chaplin – W.B. Rolland Davis

Senior Steward – W.B. Tim Randall

Junior Steward – B. John Poore

Marshal – W.B. Dave Jackson

Historian – B. David Hopkins

Tyler – W.B. Richard Mehlhaff

Building Manager – R.W.B. David Sherman

Assistant Building Manager – B. Bill McCullough

Assistant Building Manager – B. Randy Haugen

Assistant Building Manager – B. Jim Dirksen

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