2022 Officers

Tim Wilson

Worshipful Brother Tim Wilson

Worshipful Master


A retired U.S. Navy Captain and aviator, Tim brings his vast knowledge of organizational concepts to our Lodge. A family man if you ever met one.

Lynn Masker

Worshipful Brother Lynn Masker

Senior Warden


A gentleman farmer with an avid interest in dog agility training, Lynn having served three times as Master of Laurel Lodge, now assists us with his wise experience.

Ted Tullier

Brother Ted Tullier

Junior Warden


Ted is a family man first and foremost. He genuinely loves his children and cooking.

Randy Haugen

Brother Randy Haugen



Randy is a veteran Mason, computer dude, and carpenter. He also runs the social media services of the Lodge.

Robert Mallory

Worshipful Brother Robert Mallory



A retired U.S. Air Force non-com veteran. Bob is always quick with an idea for a solution.

Josh Frasier

Brother Josh Frasier

Senior Deacon


A Roseburg Barber, Josh loves cutting hair so much he did not have time for his picture.

Jim Dirksen

Brother Jim Dirksen

Junior Deacon


Jim is one of those really nice guys who you wish you could have as a friend.

Tim Randall

Worshipful Brother Tim Randall

Senior Steward


Rough, dependable, solid, big, powerful – all adjectives that correctly describe this fellow. Even distant family members love him.

Kenny Rogers

Worshipful Brother Kenneth Rogers

Junior Steward


A veteran Mason who is always somewhere else.

Rolland Davis

Worshipful Brother Rolland Davis


A veteran Mason by any measure, Rolland is a spectacular golfer and a great repository of knowledge.

Richard Melhaff

Worshipful Brother Richard Mehlhaff


He sits outside and warns off those uninvited but do not let that stern look fool you. He is a wonderful man.

BTW – the sword once belonged to Major General Joseph Lang who served in the war with Mexico and was the first Governor of Oregon.

David Jackson

Worshipful Brother David Jackson


What a life this man still lives. Former educator, counselor, camp leader, the list goes on and on. His accomplishments are only shadowed by his graceful personality.

Brother David Hopkins


A local funeral director and lover of history, Davis is well suited to be trusted with the preservation of the history of Laurel Lodge with artifacts dating back to 1856.