Become the best man you can be.

Not perfect, but better every day.

Welcome to Laurel Lodge in Roseburg Oregon. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are very restricted in our ability to man the phones or meet people. If you have any questions or you need immediate assistance, please call me any time at 541-679-8545. -Lynn Masker, Worshipful Master.

Roseburg is a community of strong family ties and meaningful community pride. Laurel Lodge has been continuously part of our town since 1855.

Brotherly love & respect

Family strength and social bonding

Fraternal brothers practicing social virtues

You can be a part of something larger

Ask one to be one

Masons are not permitted to ask men to join. If you wish to join then you can take the initiative and ask a Mason to join.

A man, who wants his compass to point the best direction for him

Masonry is a way of observing certain values and social practices that a member can use to shape his world and the view others have of him.

Seek the truth

You can listen to opinions of our fraternity by non-members. Or you can do your own research and ask men what it has done for them. Call today to ask about our informal Friday coffee club.

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Laurel Lodge No.13 Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Oregon

Masonic Building

920 SE Cass Ave Roseburg Oregon 97470-4910 541-673-3055

Stated Meetings are the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

What joining Masonry has meant to me.